7 Reasons Why You Need a Strapless Bra

7 Reasons Why You Need a Strapless Bra

Let’s face it….a strapless bra is a necessity in a woman’s wardrobe, yet, it is often the most overlooked intimate apparel accessory when it comes to bra shopping.  Strapless bras can take an outfit from your standard, most basic look to off the charts appeal in a matter of seconds.  

Confidentially Yours offers a wide variety of bras, both strapless and traditional, to best meet ALL of your wardrobe needs.  Offering an extensive array of sizes, their certified bra fitters will ensure your perfect fit and function before you even leave the store.  Strapless bras typically work harder than everyday lingerie; therefore, they should actually be replaced more often than traditional bras even though they are worn less frequently.

  1. Prom.  It’s right around the corner.  Many of the latest trends in prom dresses feature spaghetti straps, off the shoulder sleeves, and plunging necklines.  Without a properly fitting strapless bra, you might have to deal with slipping straps and pesky lines. Prom-goers should be worried about if they can dance the night away rather than needing to worry about bra straps in their photos.
  2.  Weddings.  You know that cute little dress that you have hanging in your closet begging to be worn again?  Chances are fairly good that a strapless bra would make you feel more comfortable in your favorite dress.  With wedding season rapidly approaching, it’s the proper time to make sure that you are ready for whatever event the summer throws at you.  Bridesmaids dresses often require a not so typical strapless bra. Professional bra fittings at Confidentially Yours can help to find the appropriate bra for most dress types.  Many brides and their attendants will bring their dresses with them to assure adequate coverage in all of the right places.  
  3. The latest trending shirts.  Even the most modest cold-shouldered shirts can be difficult to wear with a traditional bra.  As fashion trends continue to evolve, asymmetrical necklines and scoop neck/boat neck shirts have become even more popular.  Although not always needed for all shirts, it is easier to rest assured knowing that you have a properly fitting bra that can accommodate all of your wardrobe needs.  Halter tops are such a fun summer tradition for women of all ages. Strapless bras allow for women to wear these shirts with confidence. 
  4. Vacations.  Spring break is coming up and that often means adventurous clothing.  It always feels good on a trip away from home to pack your bags full of clothing and items that accentuate your best features, so go ahead and order that flirty dress that you’ve had your eye on.  Can you feel that ocean breeze as you stroll the shore line? And…..if you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun, strapless bras are also a little bit more sensitive and forgiving on sun-kissed shoulders, as well.
  5. Formal events.  It’s so much fun as adults to get dressed up for a night out on the town.  It seems like those opportunities happen less and less frequently, but when they do happen, it is important to be prepared.  Even lace adorned and long sleeve dresses require a strapless bra so that the straps are not visible to friends and family. For those looking for a tummy controlling option, there are strapless bras that fit more like a tank top and keep your dress lines nice and smooth, too.  When wearing dark colors, it is important to wear a dark strapless bra underneath clothing as flash photography can cause nude colored lingerie to shine through the garment. Nude colored bras and panties are best worn under lighter colored clothing.
  6. Summer is coming.  Really. It’s hard to believe that in a few short months, we will be celebrating the return of warmer weather and the hot summer sun.  With the warmer weather comes a change in apparel and requirement for appropriate undergarments.  
  7. Athleisure apparel.  It’s the perfect in-between for your days off, days running errands, and much more.  So many of the currently popular shirts feature criss-crossed straps and cut out detailing.  While this is a fun and unique way to wear long-sleeve full coverage tops, traditional bras often do not function well with this design.  Strapless bras allow for the detailing and intricacies of these apparel pieces to show through without the bra straps showing.

While there are so many different reasons to buy a new bra, probably the most important is that a properly fitting strapless bra is a game changer in the comfort department.  It has been estimated that nearly 85% of the population is wearing the wrong size of bra; therefore, it is important to be properly fitted to ensure that you are wearing the most optimal size and style of bra for you.  An ill-fitting bra can cut into your torso causing discomfort during some of the most memorable events of your lifetime, and nobody has time for that!

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