Everything You Need to Know About Bra Fitting

Everything You Need to Know About Bra Fitting

An estimated 85% of women wear the wrong bra size. In this month’s blog post we share why visiting Confidentially Yours to get fitted for the right bra for your body can be life-changing.  

85%….that’s a fairly high number.  That means that if you are in a room with 100 of your closest friends, only 15 of them are wearing the correct bra size.  Think about that for a minute, and consider the last time that you were properly measured and outfitted for new undergarments.

The Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours measure and fit clients every day for new bras and shapewear, so that means that they have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to this topic.  It also means that this process is far more streamlined and efficient because of this. It is recommended that clients be measured at least once a year to determine if they continue to wear the most optimal and supportive bras for their body type.  Given that bras should have a day off between each wearing, it is very important to know that you are ensuring the right fit.

Many different factors can cause a woman’s bra size to fluctuate over time.  Some of the most common of these include: puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or gain, caffeine consumption, menstrual cycles, menopause, and surgical procedures.  While many of these conditions are out of our control, purchasing undergarments that fit and make us feel better are areas that we can control.  

When I think back to the last time that I was fitted for a bra, which happened to be at Confidentially Yours, I was probably feeling all of the feels that are running through your mind right now.  Please don’t make me try on 100 bras….please don’t make me take off my shirt and stand there in my bra waiting for a stamp of approval….please don’t try to convince me that I must have the matching underwear….and PLEASE, oh PLEASE don’t say my bra size out loud where others can hear it.  I happened to be in the store with a friend at the time, so I was really concerned about the last one. By the way, did you know that the most common cup size is a DD???  

Luckily, my bra fitting was anything but the horror and quite possibly comedic clip that was running through my head at the moment.  I chose to have my fitting on a weekday morning shortly after the store opened for the day. I browsed the store to look for items of interest to me.  I was first asked what type of bra that I typically wore or preferred. I was asked if there were specific colors that I had in mind for my wardrobe needs.  I typically tend to stick with neutrals and possibly a black bra or two, but was open to other suggestions. I also am not a fan of bras with a thick lining because I usually am more drawn to a minimizing bra.  I also prefer a fully supportive cup rather than a Demi-cup or push up bra option. After the brief and friendly process of getting to know my wants and needs, my bra fitting specialist left me in my private fitting room to change into a beautiful silky robe.  The changing area was located in the back of the store and had a nice bench in order to sit down and relax while I waited for her to find some styles that I might enjoy.  

When she arrived with the bras, she had four of five styles for me to try and was nearby in order for me to ask her opinion on how the bras worked for my body type.  She came into my fitting room and discreetly checked the fit of the bras.  

Luckily she found four bras that all met “my criteria”, but overall, I still liked the feel of my trusted brand the best.  I stood in the fitting room and danced around in the bras to make sure that the straps stayed put, I had minimal bounce, and that the band felt comfortable around my chest.  

I ultimately left with the same bra that I had previously worn, but it was in a different size and had the “just purchased feeling”.  Having recently lost weight, I was pleasantly surprised that my cup size had gone down from my previous purchases. She didn’t even say my bra size out loud, which I completely appreciated and I actually wanted to hug her afterwards because of this.  I also left finding some new underwear that I noticed on my own without being persuaded to try them. Win win! For the record, one size fits all panties are pretty amazing. They were readily available in colors to match my new bras.  

It was so apparent when trying on a new bra how important it is to have regular measurements and a proper fitting from a trained specialist.  My new bras held me closer, my breasts felt more supported, and my straps no longer slid off of my shoulders. I could physically feel the effects wearing properly size undergarments.  Visually, the joy of fresh, crisp new undergarments was also exciting.  

I can actually say that the whole process was enjoyable and albeit, relaxing.  While I definitely had a say in the process and color selection, I was allowed to relax while my personal bra fitting specialist, a.k.a. Bra Sister, did the shopping for me.  I walked out of the store in under 30 minutes with new bras in hand. So if you want to enhance your posture, relieve back and shoulder discomfort, or just feel better in your undergarments, chances are a proper bra measurement and fitting from a trained in-store specialist might be what you need to get you on the way to being your best you.

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