Laundry and care for shapewear, bras, and underwear

Laundry and care for shapewear, bras, and underwear

You’ve invested time, effort, and money into the purchase of your new undergarments, but are you getting the most for your money?  Failure to properly care for your undergarments can cause for premature aging and the need for frequent replacement of your favorite intimate apparel.  While hand washing your delicates is still a preferred method of laundering, there aren’t too many people who have the time or patience to endure that task on a consistent basis.  If you find that your time is becoming a precious commodity, we will help you learn how to wash your intimate apparel using in the most optimal and efficient manner.  

When life becomes busy, laundry can often be that one task that is easy to put off..that is, until you run out of clothes.  With a few handy tips, you too can learn how to become BFFs with your washing machine’s delicate cycle. This cycle is designed to mimic the action of hand washing and launders garments at a slower speed; therefore, your intimates don’t have to withstand significant agitation. 

To start out, bras and undergarments should be washed with like items, meaning you don’t want to toss your bras and panties in with your favorite skinny jeans or leggings.  It can be easy to overload your washing machine with large amounts of laundry; however, underwear should be washed in light loads in order to ensure a thorough cleaning. They should be able to freely move about the drum of the washing machine in order to have a fully penetrating and thorough clean. 

Confidentially Yours offers various fabric washes and can help you to customize your detergent with your personal preferences and lingerie needs.  Eucalan is one product available in store and is ideal for hand wash or the washing machine.  It is an environmentally safe wash and is scented with essential oils (available in eucalyptus, grapefruit, lavender, and scent-free).  Eucalan features a no-rinse wash which helps to increase the longevity of the undergarment. This wash is featured as a redemption item for CY’s Bra Bucks.  Ovacion fabric wash is also available in store. This wash breaks down perspiration salts, body oil, and soil from everyday wear. It is safe for linens, silks, wool, cashmere, and high quality cottons. Be sure to chat with your Bra Sisters at CY if you have questions about choosing the right detergent for you.

When laundering by machine, it is recommended to place bras into a mesh bag.  This can help to prolong their use and elasticity. One issue that people run into with machine washing bras is that the hooks and straps can become tangled amongst the load and can snag other garments.  At Confidentially Yours, Your Bra Sister recommend using the Silky Sac. Available in both pink and white, Silky Sac is designed to allow soap and water to flow freely through the open-weaved bag. The zippered closure ensures that  your undergarments remain safe inside. If you have earned 150 Bra Bucks or more, you can also take one home for free in order to trial the difference that it makes.

Bras are not designed to be dried in a dryer.  Upon removal from the washing machine, bras should be laid flat or hung to dry.  Special care should be taken when hanging bras as the weight of the cups may cause the straps to lose their elasticity prematurely.  Cosmopolitan Magazine recommends that readers hang their bras from the gore as to not damage the cups or wires.  The gore of a bra is the point at which the underwire forms a connection between the two cups.  

Delicate lacy panties and lingerie are often best washed by hand; however, if you attempt a delicate cycle wash, it is very important that they not be wrung out or placed in the dryer.  This can cause them to shrink or lose their shape.

Failure to take proper care of your shapewear can cause a multitude of problems.  It may lose elasticity and the ability to control stubborn body zones. In order to increase the longevity of shapewear, it is best practice to launder the pieces in cold water either by hand or on the delicate cycle.  Wearing schedules should rotate amongst a few pieces as to allow the undergarment to resume shape in the interim. Shapewear should additionally be laundered frequently in order to maintain effectiveness. Pieces containing latex are best laundered by hand using warm water utilizing baby shampoo.  Non-latex undergarments may be washed by hand or placed in a Silky Sac on the delicate cycle. When removed from the washing machine, shapewear should be laid flat or hung to dry (

As always, it is important to read individual care labels and tags on your intimate apparel in order to ensure that you continue to enjoy them for years to come.  If you have any questions about how to best care for your undergarments, the Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours are ready and waiting to help you today. Now go home and tackle that laundry in confidence….

The staff at Confidentially Yours is trained to provide you with the best possible fit for an everyday bra, activewear, shapewear or swimsuit. Walk-ins are always welcome, or, schedule an appointment at (217) 366-0244. Learn more at

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