Post Surgical Bras: Why Should I Replace My Bra?

Post Surgical Bras: Why Should I Replace My Bra?

Confidentially Yours has years of experience in helping women recover from breast reconstructive and augmentative surgeries.  Post-surgical garments are available for purchase at Confidentially Yours and are often required after mastectomies, partial mastectomies, and/or lumpectomies.  We are fortunate enough in our community to have a locally-owned business that gives back to the community and also offers trained and certified mastectomy fitters who are able to accommodate women throughout all stages of their post-surgical treatment.  Confidentially Yours is happy to house a trained mastectomy fitter in the store at all times.  

No matter what stage of treatment that a patient is in or how limited their mobility might be, staff at Confidentially Yours are equipped to help the individual find the necessary garments to increase their participation in daily activities.  If clients are unable to physically navigate the store due to decreased strength and endurance, staff are happy to allow them to be seated and bring the selection to them.  

Certified mastectomy fitters have accumulated many hours of training in order to assist women in finding the most comfortable and supportive garments after surgery.  Individuals must receive over 250 hours of training and pass a certification examination in order to become a trained fitter. Additionally, they are required to stay current with medical information, treatment options, and continuing education in order to maintain their certification.  A highly trained and certified mastectomy fitter is a critical element in the recovery of patients, providing important education on post-surgical recovery, both physically and social-emotionally.

It is important to stay in contact with both your medical professionals as well as trained mastectomy fitters after your surgery.  Your supportive needs will fluctuate after your surgery and often times, insurance will assist in covering your purchases. Confidentially Yours is able to bill your insurance for your purchase of post-surgical support.  At your fitting, they will need a prescription from your physician or surgeon and a copy of your insurance card in order to process the billing. Confidentially Yours has staff on-hand that are experienced in navigating medical billing and will handle this for you.  

Post surgical bras are individually and custom fitted to your body.  They also assist in providing the necessary compression and support to help you recover.  A zippered front-closure bra is often the most preferred undergarment initially as mobility immediately post surgery may be limited making a back-closing bra more difficult to close.  These bras often have pouches to accommodate drains, if required, and are often fairly temporarily used. These bras help to protect skin and tissue after surgery and assist in providing shape and increased confidence for clients.  Products are also available to sleep in offering additional support and coverage during this healing time period.

Approximately two-four weeks after surgery, medical professionals and certified fitters will assist you with a breast prosthesis fitting.  It is recommended at this appointment that you bring some of your favorite tops with you so that the trained professionals can help you feel the best in clothes that you are the most comfortable wearing.  Your comfort in the days following surgery is very important and this allows your trained fitter to assist you in navigating the road to recovery. Replacing your bra frequently during this time is also necessary to maintain appropriate hygiene after surgery.  

Confidentially Yours carries a wide variety of pocketed bras, camisoles, and active wear within the store that fit prostheses.  They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Pocketed swimwear is always available in the store. Swim forms are available for the pocketed swimwear.  When shopping in store is not an option, Confidentially Yours offers a wide variety of their product online at  

Navigating the medical treatment of breast cancer and reconstructive surgery can be difficult enough.  The talented and highly trained staff of Confidentially Yours can help to be a resource to clients during this time.  From their certified fittings to billing insurance, they offer compassionate and caring service to women in all stages of their post-surgical journey.  

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