SAXX Men’s Underwear: A CY Customer Review

SAXX Men’s Underwear: A CY Customer Review

Ok guys, here’s the scenario. You’re going on your first date with someone you feel is fairly out of your league. You have no idea how it happened, but through sheer luck the night, has arrived and you want to look your absolute best. Shoes clean, pants tailored to perfection, and that new shirt is doing wonders for you. There’s only one problem. You’re wearing your “nicest” pair of underwear that came in a 5 pack for $10. Walking in the door, you can feel them bunching and try to think of every trick in the book to discreetly fix them, but to no avail. The constant fidgeting was very clear to your date. The moral of the story? When it comes to underwear, don’t settle for cheap quality.


When I walked into Confidentially Yours, I wasn’t sure what to expect on my search for the “perfect” underwear. I had heard that they sold a brand of men’s underwear – SAXX—that was supposed to fix all the problems that you usually experience. I took this with a grain of salt. Like most guys, I thought to myself “I mean, come on. It’s underwear, how different can it be?” This thinking lined up with my next thoughts as soon as I saw the box - the price was higher than I ever imagined myself paying for a single pair of underwear. After a bit of contemplation, I decided to purchase the pair of SAXX and see if everything I heard was right. 

Now, as a reader, you may have gotten to this point and are thinking to yourself, “Why do I need to know about some poor guy’s disaster of a first date and the weird amount of time he took trying to decide on buying underwear? Just get to the part where you say why we should buy them!” To that I have three points.


  • If you went on a date with someone out of your league, you’d brag about it too.
  • All purchases should be made with much contemplation (you should see me at the grocery store).
  • My third (and arguably most important point) is I wanted to show everyone that I went into this experience with a fairly negative attitude. I emphasize this because everything you will read from this point on will be nothing but a pure and unabashedly positive review of this product. 

So men, without further ado, here is why you need to run to Confidentially Yours right now and pick yourself up a pair of SAXX underwear before they start flying off the shelves.


The Fit

I’m not exaggerating when I say that SAXX underwear fits unlike any other underwear I’ve ever worn. Before this, I had just assumed there were 2 ways of wearing underwear. Either deal with the bunching and loose fit or buy a pair of compression shorts and have your “nether regions” feel as hot and humid as though you’re trekking through the jungle. Then I put on the SAXX underwear and discovered a third option; a perfect fit. No matter how active I was, the underwear stayed in place and I never had to stop and readjust. The material is also made of an incredibly breathable fabric that kept things cool. Throw in the fact that the staff at CY was there to help me choose the exact size I should get, and you have a recipe for a fit that you’ve never experienced until now!



The Comfort

Now, when it comes to underwear for men, there are usually two camps – boxers or boxer briefs (there’s also the tighty whities but they need more help than just the right kind of underwear). The boxer guys like the free and easy feel while the boxer brief guys prefer everything snug and held into place. I myself have dabbled in both and that is why my next statement comes from a place of experience; SAXX has taken the best parts of both and molded them into one. The material is so soft that you often forget you’re even wearing them and the fit is so good that everything is held into place as it should be. They also created a little something called the Ballpark Pouch. We’ve all been there. We’ve had a long day in the heat, sweating continuously and by the end of the day you have to walk bowlegged because of the intense chafing between the thighs. The Ballpark Pouch solves this issue entirely by keeping your “delicates” tucked safely away from the rest of your body. The days of experiencing the blinding, burning of Gold Bond is over. The BallPark Pouch is the answer to every man’s prayers.


The Look

After wearing these around, I am convinced the saying “You get what you pay for” was created solely for SAXX underwear. Typical, cheap underwear wears thin quickly and begins to show more than it’s covering. With SAXX, the material holds strong through many washes and the fit never wavers. 

So, there you have it. I tried to find something negative about this underwear. I tried to think of a moment where it did bunch or it did get too hot and uncomfortable. But after a while, I came to understand that some things just have nothing negative about them. Some things just have a little bit of everything you’re looking for in a product. After all, can you really put a price on comfort? Can you really put a price on feeling your best throughout the day? Just don’t take my word for it. Try out a pair of SAXX underwear for yourself. I dare you to find something wrong with them. 


Sterling B.

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