Storage Tips for Bras and Underwear

Storage Tips for Bras and Underwear

Walk into a well organized and coordinated closet or bedroom, and you are bound to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way.  You’ve invested time, effort, and money into finding the perfect undergarments to meet your everyday and special occasion needs. Since undergarments are typically the first thing that an individual reaches for when hopping out of the shower and getting dressed, there should be some order, structure, and simplicity in their placement.  We hope to help you find the best methods for storing your intimate apparel because even the most unmentionables deserve their space.  

Summer time is the perfect time to clean out and organize your home.  Simplification of clothing and organization of household goods has been shown to decrease stress and increase productivity.  Marie Kondo ( has taken social media by storm lately with her life altering method of decluttering and restructuring.  While consumers are busy deciding if their everyday items bring them joy, the KonMari method can be helpful for organization and storage of everyday household items and today we can give you the details on how to apply this knowledge in your quest to organize lingerie, bras, panties, boxers, and camis.  

For those unfamiliar with the process, the KonMari method is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that no longer continue to bring joy into your life or those of your loved ones.  Think of the joy that it brings to clean out a child’s closet when they are gone for a few hours at a friend’s house. This feeling, too, can arise with organization in your intimates’ drawer. Have bras and panties that have been sitting at the back of your drawers?  Chances are fairly high that it does not bring you joy and you may avoid wearing them for a particular reason. Often letting go of this item can cause individuals to feel more free and able to fully enjoy the remaining items that were present and taking up space. Marie Kondo would suggest that if it does not bring you joy, that you should donate, recycle, or repurpose those items. 

The first step of storage of your unmentionables is to determine if you will store them in drawers or hanging in a closet.  If you are fortunate enough to have a large dresser, you may have enough space for your undergarments to be shelved separately.  Drawer dividers can be purchased to give everything its’ own place and to save time getting ready in the mornings. If you are morning challenged or have trouble getting ready for events on time, place the most often worn items near the front of your drawer and place the hot pink push up bra in the back since chances are it isn’t worn as often as your nude or black colored undergarments.  It is a good habit to keep pantyhose, nylons, and silks in bags to ensure that they don’t fall victim to snags from the opening and closing of dresser drawers (from those mornings where you are rushed and running late). Scented drawer liners and sachets should be used very cautiously in your drawers as they often contain oils and other ingredients which can stain your undergarments.

If you do not have a spacious dresser, you may want to purchase a hanging sweater organizer or shoe organizer in which to place and organize your intimate apparel within a closet.  The best manner for organizing bras is to ensure that they have space. For most optimal storage, arrange the bras standing up with the cups placed inside of one another. They should not be folded as to best manage the wiring and elasticity.  This helps to increase the longevity of the lifecycle of your bras. Bralettes, camis, and shape wear can be easily rolled as they do not have the molded cups that need to be treated carefully.  

Marie Kondo recommends folding your underwear in a small flat square in order to maintain more room for storage and tidiness.  In order to try this method at home, lay your underwear out flat in front of you. Fold the crotch to the waistband and then fold the sides into one another in order to create a small, flat square. This will help to free up more space inside your storage system and will make your undergarments more readily available.

Men’s undergarments can also be stored and cared for a space minimizing and time efficient manner.  In order to fold your boxers in the KonMari method, start by placing them flat on a surface in front of you.  Smooth them out and fold the sides in towards the fly. Then roll them up and you are on your way to providing structure and organization in  your man’s life. He’ll have so much unexpected free time that he will be sure to plan that next date night for you.

In overhauling and organizing your storage systems, it is a good idea to take stock of your personal lingerie needs.  Many women wear nude and black colored undergarments the most frequently. If you are all in with your organization, it’s time to let go of those hot pink panties with the hole in the seam or that black push up bra with the broken wire.  It might be time to purchase a few more essential staples when decluttering and taking stock of your newly revised professional and social attire. No fear….the bra babes at Confidentially Yours have got you covered. They would be happy to help find items that bring you joy and will help to suggest undergarments that will make it to the front of your chest of drawers.

The staff at Confidentially Yours is trained to provide you with the best possible fit for an everyday bra, activewear, shapewear or swimsuit. Walk-ins are always welcome, or, schedule an appointment at (217) 366-0244. Learn more at

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