What Do I Need to Know About Post Surgical Bra Fittings and Support?

What Do I Need to Know About Post Surgical Bra Fittings and Support?

At Confidentially Yours, we have over 30 years of knowledge, caring, and compassion for women recovering from breast reconstructive surgeries. Whether you are looking to purchase support after your mastectomy, partial mastectomy, or lumpectomy, we have trained staff who are able to help you find the right undergarments to help meet your needs. 

You might think that this is a minor detail to attend to after your surgery, but wearing a post-surgical bra can actually help to facilitate the healing process and can speed up recovery time. We have a large selection of beautiful and comfortable bras designed to accommodate your medical, as well as beauty, needs.

What to Consider 

One of the first things to consider when selecting a post-surgical bra is your personal comfort.  Due to possible swelling after surgery, most clients prefer to select a seamless and/or tagless bra. Tags and seems for some individuals can cause discomfort or irritation during recovery.  Physicians most often suggest that clients sleep in their undergarments immediately following surgery in order to provide compression and support at the incision site.  

Very Well Health suggests that undergarments be purchased that feature wide bands, adjustable straps, seamless construction, and breathable fabrics. Immediately following your surgery, front closing bras are most often recommended due to limited arm and shoulder mobility. Bras worn immediately after surgery feature pockets in order to accommodate drains, if necessary. 

When to Get Fitted

Your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours are sensitive to your needs and are committed to finding the most stylish, comfortable bra for your body. We are certified with the ABC (American Board of Certification) Facility Accreditation. Our certified mastectomy fitter will assist you in finding the best prosthesis for your unique needs. It is a good idea to bring a few of your favorite tops and blouses with you to your fitting in order to obtain a bra that works best for your wardrobe. 

What We Offer

Confidentially Yours offers balance forms, partial breast forms, full breast forms, as well as custom made forms. The store itself is designed for access by all clients and if physical mobility and endurance is an area of concern, the staff are happy to “shop” for you and bring the selection to you while you remain seated. In our store, we feature private, comfortable, and well-lit dressing rooms.   

Pocketed bras, camisoles, active wear, and swim wear is available in order to get you on the road to recovery. It is always a good idea to try medically supportive undergarments on in store rather than ordering online so that a trained professional can ensure that you are getting the best fit and support for your needs; however, if shopping in store is not an option for you at this time, we offer a wide variety of our products online at https://www.cybras.com. Your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours want to see you get back to being you. Your recovery is our main focus of concern.

Navigating Health Insurance

Your health insurance will assist in covering a portion of your post-surgical support needs.  Confidentially Yours will work with you and your insurance provider throughout the billing process. At the time of purchase, we will need a prescription from your physician and/or surgeon and a copy of your insurance card. Medicare and most insurance companies allow for a replacement form every two years plus a three-month’s supply of bras. Replacing your bra frequently post-surgery is important. Over time, bras naturally breakdown and lose some of their support.  Normal wear, as well as lifestyle and body changes, can affect the overall comfort and fit of your form and bra.

Navigating the medical treatment of breast cancer and reconstructive surgery can be difficult enough.  The talented and highly trained staff of Confidentially Yours can help to be a resource to clients during this time.  From their certified fittings to billing insurance, they offer compassionate and caring service to women in all stages of their post-surgical journey. Walk-ins are always welcome, or, schedule an appointment at (217) 366-0244. 

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